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⭐NEU 2020 Made in Holland- Kroon Oil Vaseline Weißblech ACID FREE⭐ - Alles-Rad

⭐NEW 2020 Made in Holland- Kroon Oil Vaseline Tinplate ACID FREE⭐

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Kroon, the traditional Dutch manufacturer of lubricants, has had an excellent reputation among bicycle screwdrivers all over the world since 1906. Specially refined base oils, the thickening agent lithium soap and flow-promoting additives form the basis for high adhesion and weather resistance, wear and corrosion protection and the extraordinarily good one Stability.

White petroleum jelly is a highly refined product and is therefore particularly suitable for applications in the technical industry such as B. automotive, bicycle.

Protects metals and chrome-plated parts from corrosion. It can also be used as an isolator.       

  •   Lubricants and care products
  •   Corrosion protection
  •   Acid free
  •   Neutral
  •   Non-toxic DAB 100)
  •   Particularly quickly

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